Platinum Bite Master menu list 2019

Salad options
Gardan salad
Mix green lettuce,cucumbers, red onion,
cherry tomatoes
-Fruit salad
Beautifully sliced seasonal fruit watermelon, pineapple,
cantaloupe, berries
-Heirloom tomato with burrada
Marinated heirloom tomatoes with freash burrada
drizzled with fresh olive oil smoked salt topped
with alfalfa sprouts
-Arugula salad
Arugula ,Cherry tomatoes, red radish
-Arugula red gem
with watermelon radishes Lobster and brown
butter vinegar
-Citris beet quinoa salad
Citrus marinated yellow and red beet with Crispy
hazelnuts all on a bed of perfectly cooked quinoa
( Grill tofu as vegetarian option) for main dish
-Chop Cesar
Beautiful hearts Romaine with shaved Parmesan and
Focaccia crostini with our in house Caesar dressing
-Apple walnut
Chop lettuce with beautiful fall apples, candied
walnuts, granola
( strawberry balsamic vinaigrette)
Avocado Rosette , cherry tomatoes, cucumbers
ribbons , frisee lettuce
-Caprese salad
Tomatoes group fresh mozzarella basil all Nestle
together with olive oil aged balsamic reduction
and smoked salt

-Seafood tower (optional halal)
Cocktail shrimp, oysters, crab claws…………… will come
with lemons ,mignonette , cocktail sauce, greens
-Charcuterie board
*International cheese selection……
* pickled veg and crackers
* assorted meat selection halal
-Char peaches
burrada cheese, basil, olive oil and balsamic
drizzle with sea salt
-Grilled shrimp Avocado moose
Garlic marinated Citrus shrimp grilled to perfection
on top of a wontons cracker nestled next to
avocado moose
-Beef Wellington bites
Small bites of beef wrapped in puff pastry sides of
horseradish cream sauce
-Turkey crochet
Panko crusted crispy turkey croquettes,
fresh pickle relish
– Korean gochujang chicken sweet orange sauce
-Mini tacos
2 inch appetizer taco along with onion cilantro
cabbage slaw
-Mini tamales
Individual tamale, with onion cilantro cabbage slaw
Beef red chili or vegetarian option
-Scallop pops with a toasted sesame citrus gastrique
-Tuna tartar cones
Traditional albacore tuna poke wrapped in toasted
sesame cone top with micro cilantro
-Gazpacho shooters
Gazpacho contains tomato juice Red,
Onion ,cucumbers ,bell peppers ,seasonings, splash
of olive oil and crostini
-Brown paper bag chicken biscuit bites
Buttery 1 inch biscuit with a buttermilk crispy chicken
tender bite ( Special Sauce)
Moracan chicken speakers Yogurt sauce
Moracan marinated grilled chicken skewers with a
cucumber mint yogurt sauce

Traditional sauces all made in house
-Velvet white alfredo
-Pinenut green pesto
-Manicota ricotta stuffed pasta
Will always come stuffed with ricotta, chopped
portobello mushrooms, and herbs red sauce
-Hand made pappardelle pasta
-Cold orzo
Cucumbers, spinach, feta tomatoes olive oil
pepper smoked salt
-Spinach stuffed ravioli
Smooth creamy white sauce or pesto
-Seafood linguine
Seafood selection market price …… our garlic sauce
choice of seafood shrimp clams mussels Lobster
Side foods
– Grilled mushrooms
Baby portobello and maitake mushrooms with garlic
shallot white wine herbs
Grilled, steem,
-Roasted heirloom potatoes
Season roma tomato quarters roasted and
constant olive oil herbs
-Roasted carrots
Seasoned olive oil and Herb roasted carrots
-Smooth creamy potato puree
Smooth buttery mashed potato / can be garlic
-Grilled veggies medley
tomatoes,zucchini,onions ,eggplant, squash
-Herb Basmati rice
-Red Spanish rice
-Israelian couscous
-Saffron rice
Polenta can come creamy or crispy

Main Proteins
Rack of Lamb /leg
Beef filet mignon
Airline chicken breast
Whole lambs
Fish seafood
Whole lobsters
lobster tales
Black cod
Sea bass
Clams /mussels/oysters

– carrot ginger
– asparagus split pea
– New England clam chowder
– beef consume
– Chicken dumping
– pho soup

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